Mei 2020

Pinto-Sietsma et al. Antihypertensive drugs in COVID-19 infection. Accepted for publication at 18th May 2020.

Research projects

The COVID predict consortium stimulates the use of the database in participating centres in the Netherlands. The data can be used if a (1) reciprocal DSA is signed with coordinating center, (2) the research question fits with the obtained medical ethical approval (UAMC) and data protection agreement, (3) the research title and contact person is visible on the website (4) in publications grant applications the ‘COVID predict database’ is acknowledged and (5) centres are open for collaboration with other (data) centres/researchers. 

Research proposals can be emailed directly to or by filling in the Participate form but preferable be discussed on forehand with local (hospital) representatives. A list of these persons is found below. 

The consortium would like to stimulate the collaboration between clinicians, researchers and research groups among the different participating centres (including co-authorships).  To overcome overlap in research question we have asked the hospital representatives to update the research proposals regularly on this website.

List of representatives per hospital
  1. Martijn Beudel (Amsterdam UMC)
  2. Wouter Potters (Amsterdam UMC)
  3. Marcel Aries (MUMC)
  4. Mark Janssen  (MUMC)
  5. Suat Simsek (NWZ)
  6. Joop van de Bergh (Viecuri)
  7. Niels Gritters (Treant)
  8. Renee Douma (Flevo)
  9. Auke Reidinga (Martini)
  10. Martijn de Kruijf (Zuyderland)
  11. Tom Dormans (Zuyderland)
  12. Peter Noordzij (Antonius)
  13. Paul Groeneveld (Isala)