There are several ways to participate: hospitals can participate directly in the data collection by contributing data from their patients; researchers or research groups can also submit their research question(s). Further information about participation can also be requested via the form below.

Data collection hospitals

Hospitals can contribute to the data collection for the central COVID database in the Netherlands. Data collection for the various projects can be done separately. However, it is desirable hospitals participate in both forms of data collection when this is possible. The consortium offers support in the data collection. There are also tools and tips to make the data collection as efficient and convenient as possible.

  • COVID-19 ICU Decision Support: data collection is done by periodic delivery. To make data extraction as easy as possible, technicians from different hospitals have developed standard queries (for HiX, Epic and Metavision) to extract the ICU data. Participating hospitals can also receive help from the consortium. This means a one-time investment for setting up the pipeline of data extraction. Read the step-by-step plan here. BI and IT specialists can also use the form to ask technical questions about the data extraction process and protocols.
  • COVID-19 Clinical Course: data is collected from patients with COVID-19 admitted to the nursing ward or intensive care unit. This concerns data that is collected on the basis of the World Health Organization (WHO) form developed for this purpose. This data is being collected by physicians and researchers not directly involved in the COVID-19 patient care, so that physicians in the frontline of COVID-19 care are not burdened.

Research questions

Research groups or researchers can submit their research questions.


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